Commercial Store Fronts

Commercial Store Fronts


One’s first impression of a product is, most times, the strongest. Therefore, as a business owner, the most practical idea would be to put one’s time and money towards that single impression. When an individual decides to plan and execute decisions on how they will display their brick and mortar business to their consumers, an aluminium store front is definitely a feature to be considered. Aluminium has several benefits over other materials. The material is quite versatile, strong and lightweight.


The product is offered in both a standardized and customizable dimension.


There are multiple glass colours offered such as; Clear, Grey, Blue reflective, Bronze and any other colour upon request. The aluminium is offered in white, natural, woodgrain and any other colour upon request.

Type of Glass

Float, Tempered, Laminated

Thickness of Glass

The glass dimension is offered in 6mm and 10mm